PERIPrem is not just about implementing a care bundle. It is about forging a new way of working, where clinicians from obstetrics, midwifery and neonatal join together to drive forward and revolutionise care for preterm babies.

We want to create a culture whereby all preterm babies are “our” South West babies, rather than belonging to the unit that is local to them. Together the PERIPrem clinical community can join forces to ensure that every preterm baby born in our region has access to the most clinically appropriate care, at the right time and in the right place.

At the heart of PERIPrem is the need to bring together the passion, innovation and dedication of each clinician responsible for delivering perinatal care in our region. When we work together in this way, we can harness the creativity and drive of the people working on the ground to work towards ensuring that our most vulnerable babies have the best chance at a healthy, disease free life.

PERIPrem aims to create a community of clinicians, dedicated to transforming the delivery of care for mothers and preterm babies. Our vision is that together, we can achieve life changing, sustainable improvements to the way we care for our most vulnerable patients, and along the way accelerate perinatal working culture and innovation.

An introduction to PERIPrem

In this video, Dr Sarah Bates gives an introduction to PERIPrem, outlining the aims of the care bundle and the next steps for the project.

In this video you can view our PERIPrem share and learn session focusing on preterm birth predictions and optimising antenatal interventions.

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