A key and potentially the most challenging element to the PERIPrem care bundle is birth in the right place – this applies to extreme preterm infants under 27 weeks, under 800g or under 28 weeks if a multiple birth.

This element will need the full attention of your PERIPrem and Perinatal team to address community awareness and timely transfer of women who are at high risk of delivery using timely clinical assessment, the QUiPP app prediction tool and regional cooperation.

Consider using qFFN and QUIPP app for prediction of preterm birth. The QUiPP app is a decision support tool that uses medical history and fetal fibronectin or cervical length to give an individualised score for the risk of having a spontaneous preterm delivery. Find out more in the BAPM QUIPP app toolkit. 

We encourage you to look across the three “capsules” of Process, Training and Education and Communications and Engagement when planning and implementing any changes, we know from experience that action needs to be taken across all three capsules to see a progress.

Pay attention to how you will embed and sustain the improvements you have made.


We have a package of resources to support implementation of this PERIPrem bundle element.

For units in the South West ODN region – we have developed a PERIPrem Place of Birth poster to raise awareness of the importance of place of birth. It features links to more information and contact details.

For NICU Units – we have developed the PERIPrem Place of Birth – Transfer poster to remind everyone of the importance of accepting preterm baby transfers to your unit. It features a number of important links and statistics.

Units in the South West ODN region can access the in-utero transfer form here.

Please watch the video and download the resources to find out more.

Birth in the Right place resources

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PERIPrem resources form
PERIPrem resources form

Here are videos from our ‘Share and Learn’ series:


PERIPrem Share and Learn 7 December 2022 from HealthInnoWest on Vimeo.

Links for more information

If you would like to understand more about the evidence behind this PERIPrem bundle element, the following papers, reviews and websites have more information.