Intrapartum Antibiotics Prophylaxis is the most recent element to join the PERIPrem bundle and its importance in the use of preventing early onset neonatal Group B Strep infection has made its usage a recommended NICE and RCOG guideline.

The National focus on the aim to improve the number of women with Premature Pre labour Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) or in established Preterm Labour receiving this intervention and ensuring that it is ideally received > 4 hours prior to birth means that this element will form an important part of your quality improvement journey.

Raising awareness, process mapping current practices, change ideas for overcoming obstacles and innovation around improvement opportunities will be a great opportunity for the wider team to work on collaboratively.


We have a package of resources to support implementation of this PERIPrem bundle element. Please watch the video and download the resources to find out more.

Intrapartum Antibiotics Prophylaxis resources

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PERIPrem resources form