You will already have created lots of resources and publicity around the benefits of breast milk in order to gain Unicef Breast Friendly status, which is great, and PERIPrem has the potential to push it a little further.

We are keen to support you to take a more focussed approach to helping mothers to achieve consistent milk volumes, potentially using the spheres of influence and lines of communication that you have already established for the Unicef process, and to use expressed breast milk for mouth cares from day zero.

Please use the resources below and we highly recommend taking a systematic approach like that taken by Diane Spatz and her team.

We encourage you to look across the three “capsules” of Process, Training and Education and Communications and Engagement when planning and implementing any changes, we know from experience that action needs to be taken across all three capsules to see a progress. These areas will be covered in the unit-level training.

Pay attention to how you will embed and sustain the improvements you have made and you can use the embedding and sustaining change tool to shape your thinking in doing so.

PERIPrem maternal early breast milk patient leaflet
This leaflet is to be given to the parent of every preterm baby. It is designed to help inform and fully involve parents in the care of their preterm baby by outlining in detail the benefits of maternal early breast milk as part of the PERIPrem Bundle.

The breast milk leaflet is also available in multiple languages. Please note these have not been updated since they were produced in July 2021:

PERIPem Maternal Early Breast Milk Webinars

Maternal Early Breast Milk resources

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PERIPrem resources form
PERIPrem resources form

Thank you to colleagues in Leeds Teaching Hospital who kindly agreed that we can share their parent video on preparing for an early baby as one of the recommended resources for this bundle element:


Links for more information

If you would like to understand more about the evidence behind this PERIPrem bundle element, the following papers, reviews and websites have more information.