You can view all our PERIPrem webinars and videos on our Vimeo page here or by clicking the links below.

Introductions to PERIPrem

An Introduction to PERIPrem Video
PERIPrem Parent Webinar
PERIPrem Parent Stories December 2020 Video
PERIPrem Parent Stories: Lauren’s story Video
Celebrating PERIPrem: The Journey So Far Webinar
Perinatal Team Culture: Webinar
PERIPrem: Embracing QI Video
PERIPrem Optimisation Tool Video
PERIPrem Optimisation Tool Webinar
PERIPrem Sarah Bates Intro Video
PERIPrem 360 Simulation Video
PERIPrem Karen Luyt Intro Video
PERIPrem Course Intro Video
PERIPrem Intrapartum Antibiotics Webinar
PERIPrem Celebration Event Video
PERIPrem April Celebration Event Video
PERIPrem Brain Injury Awareness Video

Share and learn sessions

Preterm Birth Predictions and Optimising Antenatal Interventions Webinar
Human Factors and Perinatal Team Culture Webinar

Bundle elements

PERIPrem: Antenatal Steroids Webinar 1
PERIPrem: Antenatal Steroids Webinar 3
PERIPrem: Antenatal Antibiotics Webinar 1
PERIPrem: Antenatal Antibiotics Webinar 2
PERIPrem: Birth in the Right Place Webinar
PERIPrem: Caffeine Webinar
PERIPrem: Data for Improvement Webinar
PERIPrem: Deferred Cord Clamping Webinar 1
PERIPrem: Deferred Cord Clamping Webinar 2
PERIPrem: Early Breast Milk Webinar 1
PERIPrem: Early Breast Milk Webinar 2
PERIPrem: Early Breast Milk Webinar 3
PERIPrem: Hydrocortisone Webinar
PERIPrem: Magnesium Sulphate Webinar 1
PERIPrem Magnesium Sulphate Webinar 2
PERIPrem Magnesium Sulphate Webinar 3
PERIPrem: Normothermia Webinar
PERIPrem: Place of Birth Webinar
PERIPrem: Probiotics Webinar
PERIPrem: Probiotics Webinar 2
PERIPrem: Prophylactic Hydrocortisone Webinar
PERIPrem: Prophylactic Hydrocortisone Webinar 2
PERIPrem: VTV Webinar
PERIPrem: Volume Guarantee Ventilation Webinar