A lot of units are already using probiotics and their use is supported not only by our SWNN but also by national bodies such as BAPM and the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) to reduce cases of NEC. The quality improvement to be made by units already using probiotics is ensuring that they are given to every baby with the first non-nutritive feed. Probiotics is a bundle element that could potentially be paired with improving rates of early breast milk and a preterm admission bundle checklist. Please find our resources below and access the evidence summary and  ESPGHAN position statement for further evidence

We encourage you to look across the three “capsules” of Process, Training and Education and Communications and Engagement when planning and implementing any changes, we know from experience that action needs to be taken across all three capsules to see a progress. These areas will be covered in the unit-level training.

Pay attention to how you will embed and sustain the improvements you have made and you can use the embedding and sustaining change tool (coming soon) to shape your thinking in doing so.


We have a package of resources to support implementation of this PERIPrem bundle element. Please watch the video and download the resources to find out more.

Probiotics resources

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PERIPrem resources form
PERIPrem resources form

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If you would like to understand more about the evidence behind this PERIPrem bundle element, the following papers, reviews and websites have more information.