Debbie Gilmore

Senior Project Manager
Health Innovation West of England

Debbie joined Health Innovation West of England in Dec 2023 as a Senior Project Manager to support projects within the innovation pipeline.

Prior to this, she worked for 17 years on projects in partnership with the NHS as a Key Account Manager in the Pharmaceutical industry and more recently as a Project Manager Consultant within Health and Social Care.

Her expertise lies within the redevelopment, including upskilling and training solutions, of complex services and patient pathways. She has worked closely with NHS partners in specialist disease areas including oncology, CVD, rheumatology, Type 2 Diabetes and Dermatology.

In her personal time, Debbie volunteers for her local Gloucestershire Healthwatch as an Engagement volunteer and a member of their ‘Readers Panel’, to listen and understand people’s health and social care views, which is fed back to key decision makers.

Debbie is excited to be part of the innovation team to support people’s innovations that could positively impact on our health systems and people’s lives.

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