Select Research, a UK company, specialists in measurement of the body in 3D have created a system for obesity management and are inviting healthcare professionals to give initial feedback about the system.

The Body Volume Indicator system (BVI) generates a 3D model of a patient, using two silhouettes of them on an iPad. Then by accessing exclusive MRI and Cadaver data, it provides both current measurements and new indicators; such as the estimated volume of the abdomen and of visceral fat in particular.

The Body Mass Index (BMI), based on height and weight was developed in the early 1800’s and is a recognised method of measuring obesity and health risk. However the use of BMI over time has highlighted that obesity is something that needs to be urgently managed and addressed. BMI alone may not provide a full picture of patient risk at a given time. BVI, which was invented and patented in the UK, instead uses a 3D model and has potential as an additional application in the NHS and elsewhere, where BMI is being used.

Select Research have been specialists in 3D measurement of the body since 1997 and BVI, for measurement of obesity and health risk has been trialed this July through Health Exchange, a community interest company, which has been supported by the West Midlands AHSN.

Since 2004, research and development on BVI has involved the Medical Research Council, NHS Heart of England Hospital Trust, Mayo Clinic, Aston University and the University of Westminster. The planned trials have the support of Public Health England, but neither PHE, nor Select Research, as the inventors, will have any involvement in the trials themselves. The results will be reviewed by an independent BVI Steering Group of senior healthcare professionals and advisors to ascertain whether or not there is a potential benefit of BVI being deployed and if so, in which areas of patient care.

Survey Sampling International, an on-line research company, will carry out the survey of healthcare professionals to obtain wider opinion across England.

The survey will run from now until the 31st August 2016 and can be accessed here

For more information about the survey or the BVI system, contact

Posted on August 3, 2016

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