Ola A. Howell

Clinical Lead Pharmacist
Health Innovation West of England

Ola (short for Aleksandra) is a Clinical Lead for the Pharmacy and has been working for Health Innovation West of England since July 2021. She provides clinical leadership for quality improvement through medicines optimisation and safety across the West of England.

Her role includes creating the clinical vision for implementation of projects around medications, and providing clinical advice on priority setting, measurement and evaluation. Some of the projects and programmes that Ola is involved with are the QI for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, National Patient Safety Improvement Programme and Rapid Uptake Products.

Ola has extensive experience of working in tertiary, secondary, primary care and community pharmacy, and is currently leading on the integrated severe asthma care project in the South East of England in her other role. Her clinical areas of interest are frailty, respiratory and rheumatology.

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