Noshin Menzies

Noshin Menzies

Senior Project Manager
Health Innovation West of England

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Noshin joined Health Innovation West of England in 2014 and is currently responsible for supporting the development of the Key Enablers; Addressing Inequalities, Culture and Patient and Carer Co-Production for the Patient Safety Improvement Programme.

Prior to this role, Noshin has worked on PReCePT, both the programme and the PReCePT study, and PERIPrem, focusing on perinatal quality improvement.

She has an MPH (Master of Public Health) and an MSc in Clinical Psychology. Noshin has also worked as a health improvement specialist for Bristol Public Health and has worked regionally on teenage pregnancy and sexual health.

Noshin is passionate about reducing inequalities in health and wellbeing and improving outcomes for people who are impacted by socioeconomic or demographic disadvantages.

“I love working at Health Innovation West of England because it is an honour to work with such dedicated, passionate and creative people. The opportunity to be hands-on and see tangible results in our region, and nationally, is a privilege. Working with such a supportive, kind and empowering team continues to motivate me to strive to deliver the best outcomes possible. If you want to feel heard, confident to share ideas and see them actioned, then this is the place to be. We are fast moving, drivers of innovation and spread and are skilled at bringing teams together from across the NHS and beyond.”

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