In the journey of improvement, the final phase is often referred to as “adoption and spread.” This phase involves the crucial task of communicating and sharing new ideas or innovations beyond the original system. The goal is to increase the impact of successful improvements and reach a wider audience of patients.

To delve deeper into the adoption and spread of innovations and improvements, refer to our practical guide on the  adoption and spread of innovations and improvements . This guide provides valuable insights and strategies for effectively spreading ideas and achieving meaningful change.

Remember, sharing your work widely and openly, whether successful or not, is essential for advancing knowledge and promoting continuous improvement in healthcare.

Is your intervention, innovation or improvement ready for adoption and spread? Use our checklist to assess and plan your next steps. Access the Scalability Assessment Tool


Adoption and spread in practice – Our short video discusses the key elements of an initiative (the ED Checklist) the West of England AHSN successfully spread with Dr Emma Redfern, from University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust. Watch our adoption and spread video.

Looking for practical pointers on how to successfully adopt and scale proven innovations? This resource from the NHS Confederation is based on real-world learning and one of the case studies includes the Health Innovation Network support for the national rollout of FeNO testing in primary care. Read the guidance here.

Want to know more about how to create a culture of innovation to make change stick? In this session at our Integrating Innovation conference in March 2023, Penny Pereira and Tarnia Mason from the Health Foundation’s Q Community, suggest some simple rules to guide our innovation work and support adoption and spread. Watch the session recording here.

The THIS institute have a series of guides on the Elements of Improving Quality and Safety in Healthcare published through Cambridge University Press. Recommended guide for this topic is Approaches to Spread, Scale-Up, and Sustainability, by Chrysanthi Papoutsi, Trisha Greenhalgh, Sonja Marjanovic.