There are many different skills that you can develop as an improver. These include curiosity, creativity, empowerment, persistence, encouraging experimentation, active listening, embracing all learning, and reflective thinkings. 

Some recommended resources to support you are on this page.

The Habits of an Improver

A publication from The Health Foundation discusses The Habits of an Improver, outlining 15 habits that individuals in healthcare can develop to drive improvement. The habits are categorised into five main areas: Learning, Influencing, Resilience, Creativity, and Systems thinking.

The aim of The Habits of an Improver is to provide a potential model for decision-makers in the healthcare industry and beyond, highlighting the ideal combination of attitudes, skills, and knowledge for improvement. The habits are outlined in the video below by Professor Bill Lucas.

Emotional Resilience

Innovation is an iterative journey. Our emotional resilience toolkit has been developed to support you with this.  Watch our four short videos to learn four key tools to help you with your journey.

Creative problem solving

Our Creative Problem Solving Toolkit is accompanied by a selection of eight tools with explanatory videos and guidance notes and reflects the three steps of the creative problem solving process. View the Creative Problem Solving Toolkit.


Reflection is a tool to learn from an experience or learning activity. Download our learning log template which can support you in this.


Coaching conversations can be used to support teams, in an appraisal or a 1:1 situation. Watch this video introducing the coaching conversation worksheet and download our worksheet. Permission to use the GROW model granted by The Estate of Sir John Whitmore and Performance Consultants International.

Facilitation skills

When working in groups, A Facilitator’s Handbook from We can Move is a useful guide to the principles of facilitation, structuring sessions, potential activities and virtual tips and tools. Download the Facilitator’s Handbook here.

Skills for leading change

Watch the replay of our one-hour interactive online workshop delivered by the West of England Academy to equip you with skills for leading change programmes and bringing your team along on the journey. Miss Rebecca Winterborn shares her experiences of leading teams through change and the skills, tools and theories that she uses in her role as a Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Clinical Lead.

Using Excel

When working with data, improving your Excel skills can help you process, clean and present your data. Watch our masterclass on using Excel with data for improvement and download the video transcript.