A Force Field Analysis is a Quality Improvement (QI) tool designed to identify driving (positive) and restraining (negative) forces that support or work against the solution of an issue or problem. When the driving and restraining forces are identified, steps can be taken to reinforce the driving forces and reduce the restraining forces

How to create a Force Field Analysis

  1. Draw a letter “T” on a flipchart page.
  2. Write the name of the issue or project across the top of the page.
  3. Label the left column “Driving Forces” and the right column the “Restraining Forces”.
  4. Use brainstorming to generate the list of forces or factors that are driving the issue or project and those that are restraining or the holding things back.
  5. Eliminate duplicate ideas and clarify any ideas that are vague or not specific.
  6. If the team feels the need, they can use rank ordering to set priorities for the driving and restraining forces.
  7. Generate a list of ideas about actions that can be taken to reduce the restraining forces.