Watch the recording below of the one hour interactive online workshop delivered by the West of England Academy to equip you with skills for leading change programmes and bringing your team along on the journey.

Miss Rebecca Winterborn shares her experiences of leading teams through change and the skills, tools and theories that she uses in her role as a Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Clinical Lead.

Viewers will:

• Understand how to engage with and motivate people to bring about change
• Understand the value of authenticity in leadership
• Improve confidence to lead your team through a change programme

Join in with the activity at 19:03 to create a vision statement with your team and take part in the reflective exercises to consider the value of authentic leadership and psychological safety.

View the timestamps for the Leading Change webinar here

Watch the Leading Change Webinar on Vimeo

To find out more about Miss Rebecca Winterborn you can follower her twitter @Becsjlittle

And also:

Join Miss Rebecca Winterborn as she reflects on using Kotter’s 8 Step Model for leading change to underpin the setting up of a Covid virtual ward.

Watch Kotter’s Model video on Vimeo

Here are links to some further resources that were discussed in the session: