qi unwrapped

If you’re enthusiastic about healthcare improvement, then here’s an early Christmas present just for you…

It’s your very own copy of our Guide to Quality Improvement, produced by the West of England Academy.

We know that one of the main ways NHS staff stay motivated is by knowing they have helped make a difference to patients and their families. We are lucky to have many people who are willing to
use their hearts, minds and skills not only to do a good job on a daily basis, but also to think about how they can help to continuously develop and improve the quality and safety of services. The
enthusiasm and passion they provide is invaluable and a great force for change.

Our guide is specifically designed to be of interest to people who want to learn how to take this positive energy and combine it with an effective, scientific approach called Quality Improvement, or QI for short, to maximise the benefits for patients.

Using a methodical approach to improvement helps to identify what needs to change, generates creative solutions that can be quickly tested at small scale, refined and then spread at pace.

This can help to make a huge difference to patient outcomes, experience and safety, saving lives, money and wasted effort and time.

This guide will introduce you to some basic QI tools and methods that are quick to learn and easy to apply. Our West of England Academy also offers a range of free resources, easy to use templates, links to e-learning, QI tutorials and films, and ways to meet like-minded people.

So go on, lift the lid here…