Learn at your own pace with our on-demand replays of sections of our QI Autumn Series 2021, and a bonus session on how to collect and present data.

Download our QI workbook which guides you from understanding the challenge to creating a poster at the end of your project.

Session 1: What is the challenge?

Session 2. Creating change ideas.

Session 3. Planning a change programme.

Session 4. Carrying out QI.

Session 5. Making the data work.

Bonus session: How to collect and present data.

A facilitator’s guide to Quality Improvement is a pack of resources to help you facilitate improvement to your teams and take you step-by-step through the improvement process. Resources include a suggested chronological approach to your QI project based on the IHI Model for Improvement, a QI workbook that contains templates and instructions for each QI activity and slide decks that contain details on how to facilitate each QI activity with your team.