Invention is the discovery phase in the innovation journey to help identify problems, challenges and opportunities, and review data and research. If you’re working at this stage of the innovation journey, you’ll be generating ideas or refreshing old ones, and selecting the best ideas for testing.

The Innovation Exchange
Our Innovation Exchange provides the support you need at any stage of your innovation. Get access to all our business services in one place as well as local and national funding opportunities. Visit our Innovation Exchange.

Creative Problem Solving Toolkit
Our PDF toolkit, accompanied by a selection of eight tools with explanatory videos and guidance notes, talks you through the three steps of the creative problem solving process. Visit our Creative Problem Solving Toolkit.

Generating ideas using TRIZ
Triz can facilitate idea generation at the start of your improvement project; flatten hierarchies and give everyone in your team a platform for sharing ideas.

Communities of practice for idea generation
Communities of practice may help with idea generation.

Systems convening Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner are internationally renowned social learning theorists and consultants. Social learning across complex landscapes requires a certain kind of leadership, which we have called systems convening.

Thinking Differently Guide
A practical introductory guide to thinking differently from NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Read the introduction to find out why thinking differently is more than just the next new buzzword. Go to the Thinking differently guide.

Creative Approaches to Problem Solving developed by the Health Foundation Q programme, which draws on several approaches, including Liberating Structures.