Invention is the discovery phase in the innovation journey to help identify problems, challenges and opportunities, and review data and research. If you’re working at this stage of the innovation journey, you’ll be generating ideas or refreshing old ones, and selecting the best ideas for testing.

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Looking for fresh ideas? Dive into TRIZ, a powerful tool for idea generation. Watch our short video on the use of TRIZ, visit the Liberating Structures website for more information, or join the Liberating Structures Special Interest Group if you’re a member of the Q Community.

Collaboration is key! Engage with Communities of Practice to tap into collective wisdom. Read our resource summary, download handouts on different community roles, and learn about facilitating communities of practice in Professor Becky Malby’s blog. Discover how systems convening practices can transform social learning across complex landscapes by reading Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner’s free book on systems convening.

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