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Creative problem solving toolkit – There can be creativity without innovation, but there can be no innovation without creativity. Our Creative Problem Solving Toolkit, which was refreshed in January 2023, is accompanied by a selection of eight tools with explanatory videos and guidance notes and reflects the three steps of the creative problem solving process. View the Creative Problem Solving Toolkit.

Why is research and innovation in health important? – Watch our short practical guide to getting started with research and innovation in healthcare with Professor Nigel Harris. Access the slides here.

Quality improvement (QI)

QI toolkit – View some of our most popular QI tools and download our new version of the QI workbook which now guides you from understanding the challenge to creating a poster at the end of your project.

A facilitator’s guide to quality improvement – Our facilitator’s guide to QI includes a suggested step by step approach to a QI project, how-to slide decks that support delivery of QI activities with your teams and a workbook to structure a QI project. Tools covered by our guide include process mapping, driver diagrams and stakeholder mapping.

‘On demand’ QI webinars – Watch on-demand replays of sections of our QI Autumn Series 2021, and a bonus session on how to collect and present data. Download our QI workbook, which supports this training package.

Generating ideas using TRIZ – Watch our short video on using the Liberating Structure tool: TRIZ. TRIZ can facilitate idea generation at the start of your improvement project; flatten hierarchies and give everyone in your team a platform for sharing ideas.

A guide to making a QI poster – Our practical guide to making a QI poster for submission to conferences. Our guide includes top tips from a submissions judge, answers to your most common questions, templates and advice on imagery and infographics. Read our QI poster guide.

Quality improvement methodology – The West of England AHSN project, PreciSSIon, uses QI methodology to underpin its approach. Find out which QI tools were used in this short video from PreciSSIon’s clinical leads, Anne Pullyblank and Lesley Jordan.

Adoption and spread of innovations and improvements guide – Our practical and accessible guide to support the adoption and spread of innovations and improvements within the health and social care sector. Read our adoption and spread guide.

The Evidence Repository

Our Evidence Repository provides a portal for NHS, Public Health, and university colleagues  to share grey literature not published anywhere else, including QI projects, evaluations, surveys and evidence summaries. Our repository reduces unnecessary duplication and improves sharing across our health system. Find out more and join the Evidence Repository here.

More useful tools

You can set yourself up for success with core skills that run through all stages and help deliver long-lasting positive impacts.

Leading change programme – Watch the replay of our one-hour interactive online workshop delivered by the West of England Academy to equip you with skills for leading change programmes and bringing your team along on the journey. Miss Rebecca Winterborn shares her experiences of leading teams through change and the skills, tools and theories that she uses in her role as a Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Clinical Lead.

Coaching conversations – can be used to support teams, in an appraisal or a 1:1 situation. Watch this video introducing the coaching conversation worksheet and download our worksheet. Permission to use the GROW model granted by The Estate of Sir John Whitmore and Performance Consultants International.

Tools for developing emotional resilience – Innovation is an iterative journey. Our emotional resilience toolkit has been developed to support you with this. Watch our four short videos to learn four key tools to help you with your journey.

Reflection – A tool to learn from an experience or learning activity. Download our learning log template which can support you in this.

Facilitator’s Handbook – When working in groups, A Facilitator’s Handbook from We can Move is a useful guide to the principles of facilitation, structuring sessions, potential activities and virtual tips and tools. Download the Facilitator’s Handbook here.

Adoption and spread in practice – Our short video discusses the key elements of an initiative (the ED Checklist) the West of England AHSN successfully spread with Dr Emma Redfern, from University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust. Watch our adoption and spread video.

Data for improvement excel masterclass – When working with data, improving your Excel skills can help you process, clean and present your data. Watch our masterclass on using Excel with data for improvement and download the video transcript.

We have much more for you to explore – review our evidence and evaluation resources and get started on your innovation journey with our step-by-step support.

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