The overall structure of the project is based on the ‘Breakthrough Series Collaborative’
model developed by the Institute for Health Improvement. This involves a series of quarterly collaborative meetings with coaching in between.

The aim of the meetings is to share failures and successes, understand how barriers have been
overcome, and to learn from data. The West of England AHSN will support PreciSSIon implementation projects in our region through project management, provision of resources, and funding of collaborative events.

Within part 2 of the PreciSSIon toolkit, there is information on the Planning Stage of your project, which includes:

  • Stakeholder Engagement,
  • Data Collection and Measurement Strategy,
  • Availability of PreciSSIon bundle elements

The Implementation of the PreciSSIon bundle section of the toolkit covers:

  • Testing a small group first
  • Ensuring the bundle is delivered and audited
  • Celebrating success
  • Evaluation and outputs

Read more about the project structure, and access useful template documents, in part 2 of the toolkit.


Find out more about our work, and download implementation resources, to reduce the incidence of surgical site infection after elective colorectal surgery.

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