On this page, you can download all the resources from the PreciSSIon implementation toolkit, posters that will help spread the word and celebrate your successes with the project, and the data collection dashboard.

PreciSSIon implementation toolkit

Download the PreciSSIon toolkit here.

Reminder of measurement inclusion criteria

The PreciSSIon collaborative is collecting data on certain operations in elective major colorectal surgery. These are also listed in section 2.2 of the toolkit:

  • Colorectal resection
  • Small bowel resection
  • Reversal of Hartmanns
  • Not reversal of ileostomy, appendicectomy etc


PreciSSIon poster for theatres – elective

PreciSSIon poster for theatres – emergency

PreciSSIon bundle compliance poster – this poster can be produced automatically from your data input in the data collection dashboard


Implementation resources

Surgical Site Infection Protocol

Surgical wound healing patient questionnaire

SSI Patient Letter to Accompany Questionnaire

Guidelines for conducting Surgical Site Infection Calls

Individual patient audit tool

Multiple patient audit tool

PreciSSIon measurement strategy

Data collection dashboard

PreciSSIon explainer video

PreciSSIon explainer video – Theatre Nurses
Quality improvement resources can be found by following the link below.


Find out more about our work, and download implementation resources, to reduce the incidence of surgical site infection after elective colorectal surgery.

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