Our RESTORE2 and Train the Trainer training sessions concluded at the end of October 2023.

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Using RESTORE2 to spot deterioration

Recognising when a person’s health is deteriorating is important, particularly at this critical time. We are working, as part of the NHS response, to enhance the confidence of staff working in the community in detecting and responding to deterioration.

The British Geriatrics Society (BGS) released a paper, COVID-19: Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes, offering 13 key recommendations to help all care home staff, and the NHS staff who work with you, to support residents through the pandemic.

This guidance recommends care home staff should be trained to spot the early warning signs of residents becoming unwell, where possible using the RESTORE2 tool or soft signs using RESTORE2 mini.  These tools may be useful for those supporting people in their own homes as well.

“Soft signs” are particularly valuable where individuals have difficulties in communicating when they are feeling unwell or in pain. RESTORE2 includes the National Early Warning Score tool (NEWS2) and this is suitable for all adults over the age of 16 (except pregnant women).

Staff who care for people with learning disabilities could also benefit from this training, either to refresh existing skills or learn for the first time.

What is RESTORE2?

RESTORE2 is a tool to help care and nursing homes to recognise physical deterioration and to escalate this information. It was originally created by Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG. Read more on their website.

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The National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) tool, included in the RESTORE2 tool, can help care homes staff recognise when someone’s health is deteriorating. Using the NEWS2 tool involves taking someone’s temperature, breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen levels and other physical measures.

RESTORE2 resources

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Case studies: In our own words – why RESTORE2 training makes such a difference.

96% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed our RESTORE2 training was a good use of their time, 4% were neutral.

Staff who have attended our training regularly get in touch to let us know how RESTORE2 is making a huge difference to the care they provide and their confidence.

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