Introducing you to the right person to talk to and work with is a key role of our network. We have set up an extensive network of contacts within the healthcare, industry and academic areas to get you talking to the right people.

We have our Link Directors Network, senior decision makers across our entire health and social care community who facilitate the development and adoption of innovative technologies and practices. These include senior management, who are aware of their organisations’ key immediate priorities and can provide us with decisions and delegate responsibilities; and operational managers who can support us in delivering projects on the ground and act as champions for innovative projects.

We also run regular connection events which bring together healthcare professionals, academics, industry and public contributors to discuss new and upcoming topics within health and care. Previous events have covered telecommunications; modelling healthcare systems; nutrition, exercise and health; supporting self-management and care; commercialisation of apps; and innovative financial models. we also run partnering sessions during these events to facilitate networking and allow you to book one to one meetings at the event.
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You can also get in touch with our Innovation and Growth team to get further advice: