From 2015 to 2023 we ran the Health Innovation Programme (HIP) in partnership with SETsquared as an innovation business development course to help healthcare entrepreneurs test the validity of their business models and understand how to pitch their propositions to the NHS, amid a very complex NHS business landscape.

HIP has supported 134 healthcare entrepreneurs across the region to develop businesses that improve patient care, generate savings for the NHS, create jobs and economic growth.

Our business support has included helping them to refine their propositions, take their businesses forward, launch new products, secure investments and widen business networks.

Solutions developed by our HIP Alumni include:

getUBetter – a pain self-management app

Carey McClellan is the Founder/CEO of getUBetter – a physiotherapy self-management digital therapy platform that integrates with local musculoskeletal (msk) pathways, to aid the recovery and prevention of minor injuries. He is also a graduate of the 2015 Healthcare Innovation Programme.  The app, which launched in 2016, is now deployed in the NHS and occupational health sectors across South London and South West England and is prescribed by clinicians (GP, physiotherapist, occupational health) during patient consultation. Visit the getUBetter website for more information or watch this video.

Anya – a pregnancy, parenting and breastfeeding support app

Dr Chen Mao Davies is the Founder/CEO of Anya – a parenting support app using 3D interactive technology – and a graduate of the 2018 Health Innovation Programme. To date, Dr Davies has won over £250,000 grant funding from Innovate UK, EU, UnLtd and the NHS, partnered with 12 NHS trusts across the UK, as well as Virgin Care, to pilot the technology and, in 2021, won the prestigious Innovate UK’s ‘Women in Innovation Award’. The app is now available on NHS prescription in select regions. Find out more about Anya here.

SoleSense – a digital rehabilitation platform for patients with neurological conditions

Caz Icke is a specialist neurophysiotherapist and the developer/Director of SoleSense – a digital rehabilitation platform for patients with neurological conditions affecting balance and walking. Her innovation, SoleSense utilises sensory insoles to provide biofeedback that helps patients perform better independent exercise. She graduated from the Health Innovation Programme in 2019, which has, to date, led to a partnership with a Senior Research and Innovation Director in the NHS and a ‘Women in Innovation Award’ from Innovate UK IN 2021. Visit the SoleSense website to find out more.

“The Health Innovation Programme gave me a crash course in business and taught me how to pitch into the NHS. Since graduating they have helped me in writing grant applications to source funding (something I used to very difficult) and with their help, I was successful in winning the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award, which has been a huge catalyst for my business!’”

Caz Icke, Director of SoleSense and HIP graduate 2019

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