The South West Learning Disabilities Collaborative (SWLDC) webinars are an opportunity for everyone in the South West with an interest in learning disabilities and improving outcomes for people with learning disabilities to come together and share experiences, ideas and learning. These informative sessions bring together a wide range of people, including experts by experience, clinicians and carers who share their knowledge, skills and ideas to support improvement.

Introduction to Learning Disabilities for Primary Care, April 2024

This webinar gave an overview of a range of topics, such as annual health checks, reasonable adjustments, the Learning Disabilities register and Learning Disabilities Champions.

Our speakers included:

  • Graham Carr, NHS England South West
  • Rachel Gaywood, NHS Devon ICB
  • Shaun Langford, Sirona Adult Learning Disability Health Service, BNSSG
  • Laura Canning, NHS England South West


Watch the recording here


Think Dementia workshop, January 2024

Following on from our Dementia webinar in October,  This workshop focuses on dementia pathways for people with a learning disability; practical information, locally available pathways, and advice on how to support somebody with a learning disability and possible dementia.

Our speakers included:

  • Ross Spackman, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Gill Travis, Karen Poon, Leia Carter, Gloucestershire Health & Care
  • Julian Hallett, Down’s Syndrome Association
  • Victoria Lyons, Dementia UK


Watch the recording here


Transitions webinar, January 2024

Our first webinar of 2024 focused on transitions from children’s to adult healthcare services for people with a learning disability. We looked at what can go well and what can be improved, hearing about the experiences of patients and carers and discussing key findings from recent national reports.

Our speakers included:

  • Jacqui Rogers, Alder Hey NHS Trust
  • Ruth Hobbs, South West Parent Carer Forum
  • Rayanna Stephens, NHS England South West


Watch the webinar here

Dementia webinar, October 2023 

The focus of this session was ‘think dementia’, and was designed to answer questions such as; what signs of dementia might there be for somebody with a learning disability? When do you consider the possibility of dementia? What might that initial stage of early signs to diagnosis look like? What is the dementia assessment like for a person with a learning disability?

Our speakers included:
– Julian Hallett Services, Development Manager, The Downs Syndrome Association
– Jayne Haddleton, Senior Nurse, Devon Partnership Trust
– Lucy Bailey, Student Nurse, Devon Partnership Trust.

Watch the webinar here.

Making virtual wards accessible to autistic people, June 2023

Presentation by Sammy Roberts at the Virtual Wards Community of Practice, June 2023.

Watch Sammy’s presentation here.

Annual Health Checks webinar for SENCos, June 2023

Designed specifically for SENCOs, this webinar provides an opportunity to improve knowledge and raise awareness of annual health checks; what they are, who is entitled to them and how they can help the young people you work with.

Watch the SENCo webinar here.

Epilepsy webinar, March 2023

Our March 2023 webinar will focused on epilepsy among people with a learning disability; its impact on those who live with it, practical information, and advice on how to support somebody with epilepsy and a learning disability. Our speakers included:

  • Nicky Powell, SW LEDER Coordinator (NHS England)
  • Anna Davies and Geri Watson, Epilepsy Specialist nurses (North Bristol Trust)
  • Carole Buckley, a parent of a person with epilepsy.

Watch the webinar here.

Annual Health Checks webinar, January 2023

Our January 2023 webinar focussed on Annual Health Checks; how you can get one, what having one is like, the benefits and improving access across the South West.

Watch the recording here. 

SWLDC Launch event, October 2023

The SWLDC launch was used to showcase some of the work happening in the southwest, such as the Acute Care Toolkit, RESTORE2 Mini training and hospital passports. Our speakers included:

  • Simon Shorrick, Gloucestershire Health and Care
  • Saoirse Read, Plymouth Learning Disability Team at Derriford

Watch the launch event here.

View recordings of West of England Learning Disabilities Collaboration virtual events held in 2020 and 2021.