The challenges:

  • To improve efficiency.
  • Release clinical and admin time to increase capacity with the same workforce.

The technical solution:

  • Technical and consultancy services procured from Royal Free London FT Automation Service (at agenda-for-change rates), using Blue Prism.

Processes automated using RPA:

  • Annual recall for patients with diabetes, aka ‘the birthday bot’. Once live, potential to re-use for management of other long-term conditions.


  • Automated a process that previously took 71 person-hours to carry out.
  • Clinical time released as clinical input automated using a rule-based process so not needed from a clinician.
  • Standardising the recall process across NW London GP practices (2 boroughs), and potentially beyond.
  • Reduction in incorrect patient recall.
  • Enables better connected pathways including links with existing services.
  • Helps workforce planning as provides quantified demand for patient reviews needed.
  • Improves patient experience and uptake through use of more inclusive and tailored comms out to patients, such as links to videos to explain why annual checks are important.

Other points to note:

  • Process in pre-live testing as of April 2022.
  • Mix of EMIS and SystmOne clinical systems in participating GP practices.

Additional processes in work-up for primary care:

  • Translation service provided by a bot, replacing ‘google translate’ and out-sourced expensive translation services. Automation results in safe, secure, accurate and timely results.
  • Clinical coding from clinic letters.
  • Auto-filing of normal pathology reports, in line with pre-defined clinical rules.
  • Automation and standardisation of repeat prescription request service.
  • Automation of pharmacy stock check when surgery issues a prescription, including suggestion of alternative medication if not in stock.

Contact for further information:

  • Yasmin Baker, Senior Programme Manager, Digital First, North West London CCG.
  • Darren Atkins, Chief Technology Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

This case study is one in a series exploring the use of RPA in various NHS settings. It forms part of a guide produced by the West of England AHSN sharing our learning around RPA.

Read the full guide online here or download the guide as a PDF here.