The challenges:

  • Large migration of data needed from six EMIS instances into a single EMIS instance.

The technical solution:

  • Support with business case from e18-Consulting (free of charge service).
  • Blue Prism, including start-up consultancy services. Plan to recruit in-house team in the longer term (Band 7 and Band 5), and complete Blue Prism training (40 hours).

Processes automated using RPA:

  • Migration of patient demographics, referrals and clinical data from EMIS.


  • Able to procure an RPA set up at the same cost as employing a team of 16 Band 3 staff to manually carry out the EMIS data migration. The RPA infrastructure will be available to automate many additional processes across any settings.
  • Faster migration of data using automation over a person.
  • Increased data integrity through elimination of human error.

Other points to note:

  • Secured funding from NHS Unified Tech Fund for Year 1.
  • High demand across the ICS in different settings for RPA now programme is in place, specifically HR services with opportunity to streamline processes, and desire to automate a system-wide clinical ‘sitrep’ of capacity status,

Contact for further information:

  • Baljit Chahal, Head of Clinical Systems Transformation, Sirona care & health.

This case study is one in a series exploring the use of RPA in various NHS settings. It forms part of a guide produced by the West of England AHSN sharing our learning around RPA.

Read the full guide online here or download the guide as a PDF here.