The challenges:

  • To improve the quality of reporting for HR Directors.
  • To reduce the cost of the department.
  • To reduce bank and agency staff spend.
  • To fill vacancies more quickly.
  • To improve candidate recruitment experience.

The technical solution:

  • Procured Blue Prism and service from a commercial partner initially, then built up own Trust-wide in-house automation team over time.

Processes automated using RPA:

  • Sending offer letters
  • Inter Authority Transfer (IAT) requests when hiring existing NHS staff from other NHS organisations
  • Payroll hire
  • Return of candidates’ paperwork
  • Pre-employment checks.


  • Fill vacancies more quickly which has reduced reliance on bank and agency staff.
  • Staff free from data input tasks developed to add-value, such as working with managers to improve job adverts and short listing criteria, run more recruitment open days.
  • Changed the service from transaction based to consultancy ‘value-add’.
  • Improved departmental resilience as automated processes run more quickly than humans, are less error-prone, not affected by sickness absence.
  • Increased recruitment experience for candidates and department employees.
  • WTE savings through natural attrition (no redundancies)

Other points to note:

Contact for further information:

  • Gareth Jones, Director of Employment Services, North London Partners Shared Services.

This case study is one in a series exploring the use of RPA in various NHS settings. It forms part of a guide produced by the West of England AHSN sharing our learning around RPA.

Read the full guide online here or download the guide as a PDF here.