Anticoagulants are designed to prevent or treat blood clots, but can increase the risk of bleeding. It is vital that both patients and carers receive advice and information about how these medicines work, and their potential side effects.

Wessex AHSN, on behalf of the AHSN Network, has created a new video to meet this need for patients, their family and carers after anticoagulants have been prescribed called Starting Anticoagulation with Jack. This video explains about clotting and why abnormal clots can form as people age. The different types of medicines are shown, and Jack and his son discuss common concerns, side effects and sources of support.

We know that many people taking anticoagulants don’t fully understand what side effects to look out for, or when to seek help. Starting Anticoagulation with Jack has been created to prevent people becoming unwell while on anticoagulant medicines and avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital.

There is also a subtitled version of the film on the Jack page at To offer feedback on the film, click here to complete a short survey.

If you want to see more you can follow Jack on Facebook by searching for ‘Starting Anticoagulation With Jack’ or on twitter @StopTheClots. Or alternatively, download the Anticoagulation Patient Information Leaflet.

Posted on March 24, 2017

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