For a greener NHS

Climate change poses a major threat to our health as well as our planet. The environment is changing, and this has direct and immediate consequences for patients, the public and the NHS.

NHS organisations and staff are witnessing the devastating impact air pollution, heatwaves, flooding and other extreme weather events caused by climate change are having on the public. Air pollution alone is believed to contribute to around 36,000 deaths annually as a result of associated conditions – a figure which is expected to keep rising.

The climate emergency is a health emergency, and the whole of the NHS is being encouraged to step-up in their actions to tackle this challenge as part of the For a greener NHS’ campaign.

The NHS has committed to reach net zero carbon. An expert panel has been assembled which will look at changes the NHS can make in its own activities in order to increase overall sustainability.

A ‘call for evidence’ has been launched, inviting all NHS staff, industry experts and the public to submit their ideas on how we can make the NHS more sustainable.

The deadline for submissions is 22 March 2020, and ideas can be submitted here.

Although sustainability efforts have helped cut NHS carbon emissions by 18% over the past decade, there is still a way to go in order to reach net zero. This is why the ‘For a greener NHS’ campaign has been launched to support all staff to make changes for a people’s health and the planet.

The driving force behind this campaign are the 1.3 million NHS staff. Attracting some of the brightest and kindest minds, the NHS and its partners are uniquely positioned to identify additional opportunities to move towards more sustainable operations. From green energy, transport and technology, to taking personal responsibility in conserving energy and sorting waste – everyone can play a part to help protect the health of our planet and people.

To find out more read through the newly launched “For a greener NHS” website, which includes helpful information on simple ways to get started, as well as some great case studies showcasing amazing work already being done.

Show your support for the campaign and share your green ideas and projects using #greenernhs.

Posted on February 28, 2020

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