The West of England Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), responsible for driving up innovation in the healthcare sector, has reported that it has worked with its stakeholders to generate £12m plus to support collaborative projects between health service providers, industry and Universities.

One of 15 AHSNs in the country funded by NHS England, the West of England AHSN plays a critical role in improving healthcare delivery throughout the area and beyond.

In its Innovation Impact report published this week, the West of England AHSN reports on the progress that it is making in innovating healthcare practices to provide the best possible patient care and experience. Since it was formed in 2013, the organisation has engaged with over 450 companies interested in bringing their ideas to the healthcare sector. It is currently supporting 14 live projects which are helping to tackle challenges such as medicines adherence, mental health, atrial fibrillation, independent living, trauma and diabetes

Professor Lars Sundstrom, Director for Enterprise & Translation at the West of England AHSN, said:

“Enabling and catalysing productive collaborations is at the heart of what we do. Through our work we have to date provided advanced stage assistance to 63 companies wanting to work with our healthcare community. We are also currently supporting 17 businesses, 30-plus health and social care providers, and four universities and research bodies in 14 different collaborative projects.

“To ensure innovation funding is directed at priority areas, we have worked closely with our healthcare providers to identify their key challenges and to connect them with businesses who have the background to provide a solution.”

Sundstrom added: “We have recently completed the creation of a 435-strong register of medical technology, biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the West of England to continue to drive up engagement with our local healthcare industry sector.”

The network has also been responsible for mobilising citizen-led innovation, with over 100 members of the public contributing ideas to generate new products to maximise independent living.

Posted on October 8, 2015

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