Our adoption readiness tool is a checklist of questions for you to consider and self-assess yourself against as to whether you’re ready to be procured by the NHS. The tool will help you to identify and understand your innovation’s maturity level for uptake and adoption by NHS organisations and providers.

Claire Denyer
Project Manager

The tool consists of the questions below on this page, to help lay out everything that you will need to consider before your innovation is ready to be considered for adoption into the NHS. You can use the tool on this page, or click the button below to download your own version to keep with you offline.

Download the Adoption Readiness Tool

Please review the following questions and then see our market access and business support pages for resources and content to help you address any gaps or needs.

Product development – How mature is the product?

  • Have you consulted national or regional priorities to see whether your product addresses an unmet need?
  • Have you engaged healthcare professionals to understand the current care pathway and how your product might impact this?
  • Have you identified patient needs and consulted with patient advocacy groups and charities?
  • How do the system and patient needs align to the product proposition?
  • What is the competitive landscape and how does your product compare to key competitors?
  • Is the product on the market & ready to use?
  • Has it been used in a healthcare setting?
  • Can the product be deployed at scale?

Evidence – How strong is the clinical evidence?

  • Have you gained feedback on the type of evidence required to support your product?
  • Have you engaged with external stakeholders including MHRA, NICE, patient advocacy groups (e.g. charities) and providers?
  • Have you sought advice on clinical and non-clinical testing design such as usability testing, patient reported outcomes, and cost effectiveness?
  • Have you confirmed the regulatory directive requirements (e.g. MHRA) for the product?
  • Do you have data to indicate positive benefit in at least one observational or quasi-experimental study?
  • Has effectiveness been demonstrated across several sufficiently powered studies?
  • Do patient reported outcomes show the product addresses the needs originally identified?
  • Is there a consensus among expert groups that there is significant clinical benefit?

Evaluation & health economics – How affordable is the product?

  • Are you putting your product forward for independent evaluation by external body (e.g. NICE) that indicates significant clinical benefit?
  • Are the capabilities in place for the collection and analysis of Real World Evidence if required?
  • Have you considered the health economic implications around the new product and established a process for gathering health economic data through clinical trial design?
  • Is there data on costs of deploying the innovation in a healthcare setting?
  • What are the initial and lifetime costs of the product?
  • How do your costs compared to what NHS currently pays for similar products?

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