“This is a new (paid-for) programme of support helping digital health companies understand their evidence needs and how to generate it.“
Cheryl Scott, Industry and Innovation Lead - Senior Programme Manager

The DigitalHealth.London Evidence Generation Bootcamp is an eight-week paid-for programme which provides expert support to digital health companies to help them pinpoint their evidence needs and navigate the complexities of evidence generation.

It is open to digital health companies that plan to launch or already have a product in the UK market and are committed to driving their evidence generation forward.

Places – which will cost £7,500 (plus VAT if applicable) – will be offered to enterprises that have products or services with high potential to meet NHS and social care challenges. The programme is open to both UK and international companies and will be run virtually. London-based small and medium sized companies may be eligible to apply for a fully-funded place.

Applicant companies will be assessed based on their commitment to the programme, potential to benefit from the programme and their potential to help provide appropriate solutions to key NHS problems. Companies applying for a funded place will need to meet additional criteria*.

Companies on the programme will attend a series of virtual events over the eight weeks including educational workshops, webinars and pitching sessions. The remotely delivered programme will provide peer support opportunities, access to expert advice, practical exercises and brokering of collaborative relationships. It will address the fundamental issues of why evidence generation needs to be core to the companies’ business plans, help them decide their evidence generation priorities and plan their evidence generation journey. Companies will also have the chance to engage with a richly curated repository of multimedia resources on evidence generation.

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