“If you have a product or project that impacts the NHS, Social Care or VCSE community VCSE in the South West, apply for the Cancer Innovation Challenge and be awarded a real-world evaluation and business support over a 6-month period to support your product or project's development and next steps.“
Ben Hugill, Innovation Advisor

Health Innovation South West have launched a Cancer Innovation Challenge.

The Cancer Innovation Challenge aims to provide evaluation and business support for up to three innovator-implementation site teams working in the field of cancer in the South West region. The Cancer Innovation Challenge aims to: 

  • Identify promising innovation in cancer in the South West region. 
  • Accelerate and support the learning and knowledge base around cancer innovation. 
  • Support innovators to understand the conditions for success in scaling and spreading their innovation. 

They invite innovators to apply for this exciting opportunity which includes:  

  • Full funding for a six-month (approximately 50 days) real world evaluation, delivered by the Health Innovation South West Evaluation and Learning team. Real world evaluations are an important step in an innovation’s journey. They offer evidence building of the impact of innovations and can support implementation. The team can either deliver stand-alone evaluations or support with enhancing an existing evaluation. Full evaluation plans and resource will be confirmed with successful teams to best meet the needs of specific innovations. 
  • Enhancing an existing evaluation could for example, expand an existing evaluation to consider health equity, such as the impact of the innovation on rural and coastal communities. 
  • Successful teams will also receive a range of funded support such as business case development advice and guidance (approximately 10 days) from the Innovation Challenge delivery team.  

Innovators will be selected though a competitive process to identify high promise innovations that would benefit from the support offered to take their innovation to the next stage. Projects will run from August 2024 completing no later than March 2025. The awards are funded though the Health Innovation South West UK Office of Life Sciences commission. 

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