Virtual workshop- transforming ADHD diagnosis in children

19/11/2020|Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Online event
Organised by: Wessex Academic Health Science Network

Event summary

Kent Surrey Sussex, South West, West of England and Wessex Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) would like to invite you and your colleagues to the first South of England virtual workshop introducing the Focus ADHD programme.

The AHSNs across the South are working with NHS England and the other 11 National AHSNs on the FOCUS ADHD programme to support the adoption and spread of QbTest (or equivalent) to improve the assessment to diagnosis time of ADHD in children and young people.

The FOCUS ADHD programme uses an objective assessment tool (QbTest) for the assessment of ADHD. The QbTest is a supplement, not a standalone, to conventional clinical examination and subjective assessments and reports. The full assessment still requires clinical judgement informed by subjective reports from parents, teachers and observation of the service user. The QbTest improves the clinical quality of the assessment as it monitors and evaluates all three core components of ADHD (attention, motor activity and impulsivity).

“Since we’ve had QbTest, I can often draw a diagnostic conclusion on the first appointment. You can actually do the job that you’re here to do and that gives you job satisfaction.” Consultant Community Paediatrician

We welcome both clinical and non-clinical colleagues, at all levels, to join. The workshop will provide colleagues with an overview and better understanding of the FOCUS ADHD programme and vision for implementation in the South of England, the QbTest and the evidence and current use.

The agenda will include:

  • Brief introduction to AHSN Network and local programme -The AHSN Network team
  • Showcase of the Qbtest – Jo Barossa -Account Director Qbtech Ltd
  • Overview of local services using the Qbtest pathway- Local community paediatrician and CAMHS clinical lead (to be confirmed )
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