QI for Primary Care

14/05/2021|Time: 12:00 - 13:30
Location: Online event
Organised by: West of England Academy
Email: weahsn.academy@nhs.net

Event summary

The West of England AHSN is hosting a series of five online workshops each Friday commencing at 12:00pm from the 16 April. Free to attend, each 90-minute session is standalone so you can dip in or join them all.

Why attend?

The series will showcase the basic theory of Quality Improvement (QI) and help attendees apply learning to their roles in primary care and connect with colleagues.

Led by the AHSN’s Academy team alongside guest speakers, topics will include stakeholder mapping, process mapping, data management and the basics for change management.

Each workshop will be interactive, so you can apply learning in real-world scenarios. If you encounter challenges, and want to consider how these can be tackled, these sessions will help.

The workshops will be interactive with activities in Zoom breakout rooms . You’ll have opportunity to connect with colleagues and learn from each other.

The series will:

  • Give a basic overview of how quality and process improvement works;
  • Show how QI can lead to better outcomes for staff, organisations and patients;
  • Give attendees the confidence and practical skills to start using QI approaches and
  • Show attendees how to access additional support through our West of England Academy.

What are the five session?




Session 1 – (16 April)  

What is the challenge and why QI?


Introduce why we use QI- how it can help with change management

Experience QI tools and techniques e.g. 9 Whys? Galaxy mapping and Process Mapping

Stakeholder mapping and management

Session 2 – (23 April)


Creating change ideas


Outline the benefits for creative structures

Gain hands on experience with TRIZ

Take a new perspective on creating ideas

Session 3 – (30 April)


Planning a change programme


How to set a goal

How to use driver diagrams to plan a change programme

What the key project management aspects are to consider

How to plan an evaluation

Session 4 – (7 May)


Carrying out QI


Understanding the model for improvement

Gaining hands on experience of running Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles

Appreciating some of the challenges with improvement work and tips for overcoming them

Session 5 – (14 May)


Making the data work


Understand why collecting data is important

Common sources of data in an improvement project

Challenges and solutions for working in teams with data

How to use data to support patient and staff engagement

Who is it for?

Basically anyone who works in primary care, including community pharmacy.

The series is designed for anyone with an interest in making improvements who have none or some understanding of Quality Improvement (QI). Attendees can be in any role and level within their organisation, for example from clinical, administration or facilities.

Attendees will be interested in applying learning to real-world scenarios either personal or professional.

Our academy works hard to welcome attendees from a broad range of backgrounds creating a safe and open environment for learning and sharing ideas.

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