Innovation In Healthcare: Creating a Health Service fit for the Future

11/10/2018|Time: 08:30 - 16:30
Location: The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
Organised by: Open Forum Events Ltd
Tel: 0161 376 9007

Event summary

The digital health landscape is moving at pace. The global market for digital health is expected to reach almost £43billion by 2018 and over £408billion by 2025. The Prime Minister has pledged to bring forward a long-term funding plan for the NHS in response to growing concerns that key health services are being overwhelmed by rising demand. This rapid growth means that there is a wealth of innovative solutions available to health providers, many of which could transform services and offer tangible opportunities for addressing the current challenges facing the healthcare system. This event will explore how the NHS can drive through service improvement using new digital technology, information and innovations.

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Innovation in healthcare is opening up new possibilities to treat patients remotely, to improve patient flow through digital appointments and acute discharge, to access medical records on the road for community practitioners, and to share information from emergency services on route to hospital. The challenge for health providers is to ensure new opportunities can be grasped, that NHS staff have the right digital skills and the right technology in place to improve care. As digital technology continues to evolve the parameters of care are also shifting. As remote monitoring, Internet of Things, wearable and smartphone technology, become more common it is individuals who will hold important health data and who will be empowered. Used collectively could such data and information improve our health system beyond recognition?

Now considered science fact rather than science fiction Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are wired into everyday life. From personal assistance, such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, to driverless vehicles AI is now playing a major role in advancing people’s lives and changing how we engage with technology. AI could help predict which individuals or groups of individuals are at risk of illness and allow the NHS to target treatment more effectively. How will health services build on the revolutionary potential of AI, algorithms and data in healthcare? Can the NHS make the most of digital innovations to drive more integrated care pathways and better respond to the needs of patients?

Innovation in Healthcare: Creating a Health Service Fit for the Future will support care providers to develop a modern, efficient and responsive health service fit for the future. The agenda will include practical examples of service transformation, new care models and information sharing that can help drive a more convenient and personalised health and care service.

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