Culture Club: Psychological Safety through the lens of Unconscious Bias

03/03/2022|Time: 12:00 - 14:00
Location: Online event
Organised by: West of England AHSN
Tel: n/a

Event summary

Do you want to join an engaging, supportive and curious group exploring the topic of psychological safety, how it might be facilitated and ways in which it might support teams feeling safe and effective?

Psychological Safety through the lens of Unconscious Bias is the third in our series of events, this time providing a space to nurture and grow knowledge in respect to the ways in which bias may influence, challenge, or shape how psychological safety may be operationalised, and ways in which this may be mitigated in order to perpetuate safe environments.

Our third event features returning expert cultural specialist Joanna Pendray who will convene discussion on unconscious bias theory and application, so we may together:

• Develop knowledge of unconscious bias and its interrelation with psychological safety

• Learn ways in which to mitigate Unconscious Bias to safeguard the presence of psychological safety in the individual, team, and system context

• Discuss and share learnings of psychological safety in the context of unconscious bias and subsequent challenges arising

At this event places are limited to 24 to maintain the dynamic of the group and to allow for full participation of all members. If you wish to participate, please register and help us understand a little about you, what you can bring to the group and hopes for your time spent with us.

To make our group representative across our member organisations, if multiple people apply from one organisation, we may have to limit places, if this becomes the case we will get in contact and work with you to resolve.

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