Ask a clinician webinar series – episode 1

Thursday 13 June 2024, 2-3pm
Location: Online - MS Teams
Organised by: Let’s Do Digital team

Event summary

Are you a computer programmer, data analyst, UX designer, cybersecurity expert, or anyone else for that matter who works with healthcare data? Perhaps you have wondered, “How on earth did a doctor think it was okay to just input ‘TBC’ into your very valuable input field in the EPR that you spent months designing, passing through red tape, evaluating, etc.? What on earth was the doctor thinking? Why did they not fill in the field properly? Did they not get the training I spent hours writing?”

This is the first webinar of many in the “Ask a Clinician” series from the Let’s Do Digital Team. If you have ever wanted to ask a clinician about their thought processes, workflows, workloads, or just, “What the hell were you thinking?”, this is the webinar for you.

Join the Let’s Do Digital team – Dr Mark Bailey, Locum Respiratory Consultant and Clinician-who-codes, explains how a medic thinks, works, and, somehow, messes up your data.

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