You may need to write and present a business case to persuade decision makers to support the idea to implementation.

When your idea has been strengthened, shared, and received positive feedback from your target group, you can put a business case together with the following components:

• Outline the idea, and explain how it meets a ‘friction’ or ‘pain-point’ for your target group: something they want but currently can’t get.
• Outline the idea briefly – your audience won’t know it as well as you.
• Is the idea desirable? Share the positive feedback from people in your target group. Compare your position to your competitors, or alternative suppliers. Be market-focused here.
• Is it feasible? Can you make it? Do you need partners outside the organisation, to bring specific skills or expertise? Be operational-focused here.
• Is it viable? Is it worth pursuing? Does it bring you margin, profit, turnover, new markets, social impact or other forms of value? Be commercially-focused here.
• What are the implementation factors: team composition, potential launch date, development costs, risks.
• Outline the reasons to say ‘Yes!’