When you want to share your concept and get feedback, this can be a helpful tool. It helps you to elaborate your idea, making it clearer and more understandable. It can also help you to get specific feedback from your target group.

• Select the chosen ideas you want to turn into concepts
• Complete a Concept creation & development template, include items such as:

  • Concept name and slogan.
  • The ‘friction’ for your target group: what they do/their role/work; what they want; why they can’t get it. (Write this in 1st person.)
    • Describe the concept briefly, including how it works.
    • Describe the benefits for the target group.
    • Outline any cost, and how the target group can access the concept.

Once written, the concept description can be shared with a selection of people in your target group. After all, it’s their feedback that matters most.