“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Japanese proverb

The third and final step of the creative problem solving framework is about strengthening the ideas that have been chosen for further development in order they appeal to, might be accepted by, decision makers who have influence on whether resources can be committed for the idea to be developed into the next phase of the innovation journey. Explore the innovation and improvement journey.

ALUO – Advantages, limits, unique qualities and overcoming limitations

Using this approach can highlight the differences between ideas. This can help you choose to develop them further, not pursue them, prioritise them, and/or build a business case and implementation plan for the ideas you like.

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Concept Creation and Development

Whilst this approach is more likely to be used in industry, there are principles that can be used in developing healthcare innovations or new ways of working. It focuses on testing the attractiveness of the concept with the target audience – users and commissioners.

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Business case

Most organsations have their own templates for writing business cases.

The short video below offers ideas on the key areas to focus on when seeking to write a compelling business case that demonstrates how ideas can be turned into action and ‘value.’

Whilst primarily this video may be more relevant to innovators working in industry, it also contains useful tactics for health care professionals looking to persuade decision makers within their organisation to support direct implementation of an idea or agree to allocate resource to support its further development.

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You can view all the videos available as part of the Creative Problem Solving Toolkit here.

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More detail on the theory of creative problem solving and information on a range of tools that can be used in the three elements of the framework are included within the full toolkit, which can be downloaded as a PDF: Creative Problem Solving Toolkit

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