Passion and commitment

We are inquisitive and creative.

We are passionate about making a difference and take pride in achieving positive results.

Living the value

Central to our work in transforming health services and systems is our award-winning support for improving patient safety. Find out more here.


Collaboration and connections

As an inclusive network we work hard to build supportive relationships with all those in our region who need and want to contribute.

We identify shared goals, building a shared vision for the future of health and care in the West of England

Living the value

Transformation is high on the agenda for health and care communities. There are significant demands on organisations to work together to better integrate services and streamline pathways for safer, more patient-centred care, while improving efficiency and reducing costs. Find out more about how we do this here.


Nurturing people and ideas

We help individuals, teams and organisations to develop and flourish.

We listen to and learn from one another, to create an open culture where good ideas are valued.

Living the value

The West of England Academy provides a range of free resources to help people gain knowledge and develop essential skills for innovative thinking and working. We promote the use of quality improvement methodologies to support delivery of better patient care. Learn more here.


Positive impact and lasting change

We are ambitious and accountable.

Our focus is on achieving positive impact and lasting change, responding to genuine needs for the benefit of people across the whole health and care community in the West of England.

Living the value

Digital transformation and connecting sources of data is one of the biggest challenges faced by the NHS. That is why it forms one of our biggest focuses for improvements as it is vital to support the decision making of our health and social care professionals. Learn more about our digital work here.


Leadership through expertise

We take pride in being ahead of the curve through our knowledge, intelligence and expertise in health and care innovation and improvement.

Living the value

Innovation is at the heart of transforming healthcare in the West of England; it is central to what we do.

We are the ‘innovation arm’ of the NHS. We operate a national network of Innovation Exchanges to identify common challenges and quickly bring people and organisations together to develop, test and spread solutions. Learn more here.